BOTOX injection treatment

Scareless. Natural and long lasting. World’s first FDA-approved A-Type Botox

Botox has been FDA-approved on aesthetic medical treatments. It is a high purity protein extracted from bacteria, which has the effect of interfering nervous conduction in order to release tension in the muscle tissues. Therefore, it could flatten and smoothen the skin easily and relatively fast.

Botox Remove Wrinkles. Improve Facial Contour Flatten wrinkles

Efficient in removing wrinkles, forehead lines, crow’s feet and sad wrinkles. Flattening skin in the eyebrows, mouse region, neck and lips.

In General 24-48 hours after the treatment began to work, for about a week to reach significant results, treatment effect is generally sustainable for 4 months.

Sweat reduction

Effectively reduce armpit, palm and leg sweats. Notable effect would show within 4 weeks and last for over 200 days. The accurately duration of the treatment effect varies upon every person.

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